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Sniffing Crotches
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How To Stop Your Dog From Sniffing (Crotches!)

It's Embarrassing When Dogs Sniff Crotches

In the dog world, greeting by sniffing at the other's rear is a polite greeting. Face to face greetings are considered improper the first time around and can cause trouble. Of course, humans have an entirely different idea of what constitutes social grace.

This is a problem of different behavior in people and dogs. Dogs have powerful noses, with roughly 220 million scent receptors in the nose (people average around 5), so it's perfectly natural that the nose would be used to investigate a newcomer. It is believed that dogs can pick up a wide range of information with their nose, including important information about a person's mood.

Truth be told, a dog's nose is strong enough to smell what he wants to know from a distance anyway. The invasion of personal space is a mere habit, and it is breakable. The key is to replace the current behavior with a new one.

Why Do Dogs Sniff?

  • Habit
  • Natural Instinct

Tips To Stop Dogs From Sniffing Crotch Area

Dog Training to PERMANENTLY End your Dog's Desire to Sniff a Guest's Crotch Region

Train your dog to sit and stay around guests

  1. Preparation - Attach your dog to a collar and leash and have a few dog treats in your hand or pocket
  2. Environment - You'll need a neighbor, friend or family member to come over to your house
  3. First - As they approach, tell your dog to sit down and stay
  4. Second - When he is sitting and focusing on you (instead of your guest), give him a treat
  5. Third - Casually lead your guest to a seating area and each time your dog starts to sniff, give him the sit and stay command followed by a treat when he obeys
  6. Forth - Practice and Patience! It will take a week or two of 5-10 minute training sessions for your dog to learn that when guests arrive, he is supposed to sit and stay as opposed to stand and sniff their crotches in doggie greeting. As your dog becomes familiar with the new anti-crotch-sniffing rule, recruit more guests he can practice with and train him in public places so he can generalize the behavior.

Establish a place for him to wait for guests to greet him

  1. Preparation - Attach your dog to a collar and leash and have a few dog treats in your hand or pocket
  2. Environment - Set up a dog crate, dog bed or simply designate an area of the house where your dog can go when guests arrive
  3. First - As people enter your house (does not have to be guests), point to the crate, bed or area and say, "Greeting" (use any command word that you would like as long as it does not sound similar to something with a different meaning). When first giving the command, you will need to say the word and walk your dog to his area. When he arrives, give him a treat. (Expect to repeat this process at least 5 times a day for 2-4 days until he knows what the new command means)
  4. Second - After a few days of practice, stop walking him to his spot and give him a few seconds to remember and walk there on his own.
  5. Third - After a few weeks of practice, randomize giving him treats. From here on, your dog will know to go to his "Greeting" spot when people enter the house which is usually the most tempting time for dogs to sniff crotches.

By taking steps to provide him with guidance for the rules on greeting guests, you will be able to replace the current behavior with a new one.

Dog Supplies to IMMEDIATELY Distract your Dog's Desire to Sniff a Guest's Crotch

Dog Crates

You can put your dog in a crate or carrier when guests come over to ensure they do not get an uncomfortable greeting. After people are settled and your dog is used to hearing their voices and smelling their unique scent, you can let him out. If he starts sniffing crotches, casually put him back in his crate. Note: NEVER scold a dog while putting him in his crate or he will think that the crate is a bad place to be.

Interactive Dog Toys

Place a treat-dispensing or sound-motivating toy on the floor as guests arrive. Only let your dog play with this toy when you have company so that he doesn't get bored with it. Most dogs would much rather play with a toy that gives out treats than sniff a crotch any day!

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