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Dogs Fence Fighting

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Fence Fighting
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How To Stop Your Dog From Fence Fighting

Growling, Barking And Lunging At The Fence

Does your dog snarl and growl at dogs and people as they walk by your yard? Many confined dogs display rude and obnoxious behaviors toward neighbors and their pets as they near your property line.

Why Do Dogs Fence Fight?

  • Territorial
  • Energy to Burn
  • Lack of Socialization

Tips To Stop Dogs From Fence Fighting

Dogs that are not given adequate exercise or mental stimulation are good candidates to develop fence fighting issues. Often, underlying reasons will cause and perpetuate the problem. Below are a few short-term fixes and obedience training is a long-term solution.

  • Supervise your dog when he is outside, stop him before he shows aggression at the fence
  • Take your dog for more walks, and longer ones if needed
  • Buy a Citronella Spray Collar to silence growling and barking

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