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Dogs Killing Toys

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Killing Toys
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How To Stop Your Dog From Killing Toys

Why Do Dogs Kill Toys?

For dogs, who are natural hunters, their toys can be seen as prey. They may want to hunt, catch and kill the toy, especially if it is equipped with a squeaker and shaped like an animal.

  • Natural Instinct
  • Energy to Burn
  • Lack of Training

Tips To Stop Dogs From Killing Toys

Aggression toward toys is a visual marker that a dog has more energy than he needs. This is not an activity you see from a dog who just returned from a three-mile run. Rather, it is one seen in dogs who have been stuck inside all day with no outlet for their energy.

  • Replace chew toys with rubber or rope toys.
  • Teach interactive games like fetch or frisbee.
  • Exercise, Exercise, Exercise

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