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Dog Is Rolling in Smells

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Rolling in Smells
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How To Stop Your Dog From Rolling in Smelly Stuff

Does your dog like to pick out his own perfume? When your dog smells eau d'dead fish-skunk-unidentifiable object, there is a chance he's going for it.

Why Do Dogs Roll in Smelly Stuff?

It seems most likely that they do it for enjoyment. Notions that it provides a hunting advantage overlook the disturbing effect the scent of a 60 lb. dead fish wondering on the land might have on potential prey, as well as the death-stalking-me feel of it. In addition, many animals use sight as well as smell to take note of potential predators.

  • Dogs Enjoy the Smell
  • Actually Trying to Rub His Smell on the Other Object
  • Bragging about resources in his territory

Tips To Stop Dogs From Rolling in Smells

  • Teach the "Leave It" and "Stop" commands
  • Keep your dog on leash
  • Keep your yard clean of poop
  • Use a squirt gun, noise-maker or motion sensor to discourage rolling activity as soon as it starts. Make enough noise that your dog hates the noise more than he likes the smells.

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