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Dog Runs Away

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Runs Away
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How To Stop Your Dog From Running Away

Don't Let Your Dog Get Lost Or Hit By A Car

There are few events more frightening than a dog that runs away. From getting lost to getting run over, every time your dog runs away there is fear that disaster will strike. From the dog's point of view, escape leads to adventure. When Fido finagles a way out of the backyard, he finds himself in a position to explore the world.

Why Do Dogs Run Away?

  • Lonely
  • Boredom
  • Natural Instinct, Reproduction

Tips To Stop Dogs From Running Away

Dogs often seek to escape when they are looking to mate, so if this escaping has been a problem and your dog has not been fixed, then having the vet spay or neuter your pet is a good first step. When the hormones have cleared, the desire to roam for reproductive reasons will be lower.

Dogs also roam due to instincts that are not directly related to reproduction. In general, dogs are wired to walk long distances in pursuit of food. Being out and about is a normal state and a dog locked up in a backyard is not getting the type of stimulation he wants. This leads to a sense of frustration and boredom, so he naturally seeks to relieve that stress.

To end this problem, we need to make adjustments to your dog's day and your dog's understanding of where he is allowed to go. You have to establish the boundary line and prevent your dog from crossing it.

  • Establish a consistent exercise schedule for your dog.
  • Provide him with specific items of interest for the day ahead. Playing a lost and found game in which you hide treats or toys in the backyard will give him something to search for. Kong toys stuffed with a good treat can provide your dog with activities for the day.
  • Provide him with opportunities to socialize with other dogs. Take him for a good walk and then head over to a doggie park.
  • Fencing, both visible and invisible, is another option. A privacy fence that cannot be cleared can help, as can a regular chain link fence with chicken wire attached at a 90 degree angle (to prevent jumping). Invisible fences that work with small electronic shocks can be effective tools in keeping your dog in the yard.

An escaping dog is one that seeks adventure or companionship. By changing his daily routine so that it includes more exercise and more mental activity, you provide him with the adventure he seeks. By giving him a chance to meet and greet other dogs, you help provide him with the companionship he needs.

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